In high school, Bryce and Kyle Holt noticed how many small pockets of two or three kids didn’t seem to be part of a social group. If you brought all of them together, though, it could make up the largest community of friends in the school. So they said to their closest friends, “Spread out. Invite every group of kids who feel left out or overlooked over to our house for a party.” Believing maybe 20 kids max would accept the invitation, they were blown away when over 80 kids showed. Out of that one event, a large, diverse group was formed, where everyone was welcome and those who had been on the fringe had a place to fit in.

The Patrons relies on the same premise. After leaving their careers in technology, Kyle and Bryce wanted to become more involved in the art world, and they know they aren’t alone. It feels daunting though…if you aren’t on the inside, you’re on the outside with no way to get in. The Patrons is here to open the door for everyone. We invite you to join our dynamic and expanding network of artists and patrons – both art organizations and art enthusiasts alike. Together we can help launch and support the careers of talented young artists, create successful opportunities for our entire network, and we’ll have fun doing it. No elitism or judgement – just fun, creativity, and a virtuous cycle of reciprocity.

You. Are. Invited.

Who We Are

Bryce Holt

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
[email protected]

Bryce Holt has a varied career as a technology executive, entrepreneur, author, and artist. Bryce is responsible for creative and production aspects, including coordination with artists, evaluation of artists that are interested in being represented, and also actually being one of those artists The Patrons represents.

As he turned his career focus toward the art world, Bryce wanted to do two things: to be a painter, and to help open doors for amazing young artists to fully live out their dream careers.

“There’s no finer life I can imagine than to be in the art world – whether it’s as a painter, a collector, on the business side, or just to be able to enjoy art. That I get to do it myself is a blessing. That I get to help others achieve their dreams is my mission.”

Kyle Holt

Co-Founder and Chief Advocacy Officer
[email protected]

Kyle Holt was a technology executive and entrepreneur before Bryce convinced him that the art community needed to be more accessible for young, talented artists. Kyle is responsible for bringing his sales and marketing experience to expand The Patrons network and grow its impact.

Kyle is passionate about finding creative ways to bring art organizations, patrons, and the next generation of artists together, creating successful partnerships for all involved.

“I get to help launch artists’ careers, work with art organizations to help them grow their businesses, and grow a network of people that get to be a part of all of it. How cool is that?!”