Being a patron of the arts just got super easy!

Ever felt like you were on the outside looking in at the art world? Same. And so did almost every great artist at one point in time. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a community to belong to that is inherently focused on opening doors for everyone? Duh. Of course.

Here are just a few ways you can participate and benefit from The Patrons network: 

- Be exposed to amazing living artists that you may not be aware of. We represent some powerful artists, and there are so many others that we want to share with you. 

-Invite you to events and opportunities to interact with artists and art organizations. 

-Be real about art! You do not have to like an artwork because someone else tells you to. In this community, find new art that YOU appreciate, and openly converse with other patrons and artists. 

-Network with others like you that want to be patrons of the arts, but aren’t sure where to start. Create those connections that allow you to take steps down the path you want to travel.

- Team up with artists or other patrons to find new and interesting ways to support artists – whether financially, by opening doors to your connections, or through other means entirely.

There’s no cost or initial donation required to join The Patrons. And if you don’t like us, just tell us to go away. Why not give it a try?    

Become a patron today


We're so glad your organization is now a part of The Patrons. You will begin receiving notifications from The Patrons soon, as we share information about artists, art, events, and we will also reach out to your organization to learn how we can work together to expand your organization's reach!