Between Us


Size (h w d): 40 x 30 x .75 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Status: Sold

In an intimate ceremony, the protagonist celebrates the gifts in her life. The blue flower represents the blessings that are blooming from her life's story, a story she is now able to share with the world. The moon reaches down to protect and nourish the flower. In the protagonist's hair, we can see her inner self participating in this celebration.

The birds represent those closest to her. The only ones allowed to celebrate quietly with her as they all stand in the golden orb. Above and behind them, luminaries gracefully float through the night's sky. This sacred moment, similar to those in Rusul's piece "Vow," memorialize the promises, prayers, and challenges that bring us to the fulfillment of our commitments. Often the greatest achievements end up being celebrated quietly with only those who understand the barriers we've broken through to accomplish the most difficult tasks.

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