Bryce Holt

Bryce paints large pieces quickly, and there is a story behind each piece. His work is almost a diary of his thoughts and what is interesting to him.

Bryce’s typically adds 2 or 3 new, large pieces each week, so if you don’t like what Bryce created today…come back tomorrow.

Below are samples of his work, but here's a full portfolio of all of Bryce's paintings.

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About Bryce Holt

Bryce’s art is centered around two central tenets: 1) Each piece must have a story behind it, and 2) Time is the most critical component of his art.

Although Bryce has been an author and a painter throughout his life, he was also a technology executive for the first 20 years of his career. Bryce only started painting professionally in his early-40’s. He knew time was not on his side, so he embraced speed, committing himself to create 100+ large paintings every year, essentially as a diary of his thoughts and experiences.

Bryce made the decision to leave the corporate world and pursue painting (and The Patrons) because he says, “I’m both an artist and a patron. I collect art and I create it. It’s amazing to be able to paint each day, and to be surrounded by amazing patrons and amazing artists.”

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