Catlac's artistic process is more improvised than intentional. She approaches the canvas freely and confidently but without pretension. She resonates in the present moment. She explores the canvas without knowing where the colors are taking her. The unexpected takes an important place in her compositions. The constant clash between an adult's rationality and a child's carelessness collide and become lively, colorful art, a sort of Polaroid vision of a momentary inner wandering. Her style is eclectic. Her paintings sway between different worlds where figurative and abstract elements become one. She paints with her inner child's heart, encouraging the viewer to rediscover their own inner child's soul. It's finally recess time!

Le choc constant entre le rationnel de l’adulte et l’insouciance de l’enfance donne naissance à des toiles vivantes et colorées. Let’s have fun!

The Patrons' pieces include "Cardiotype" (2021), "Mindbox" (2021), and "Starlight" (2021).

Check out Catlac's website and her Instagram account to see more of the work she's been doing.