Size (h w d): 24 x 20 x .75 in
Medium: Oil On Masonite Board
Status: Available
Price: $2400

Day dreamers are said to have their heads in the clouds, and in this piece, Rusul is literally painting the protagonist away from reality, tucked away in her mind.

She’s thinking about the time she has spent in pursuit of her dream. Babylonian cuneiform numbers on the clock show the timelessness of humankind’s pursuit of their ambitions. The black origami paper cranes of her failures and disappointments are in her past. They have brought her to this moment but are only steppingstones on the path, as the white paper crane is the hope and future goal achievement ahead.

This positive outlook is at the core of her daydreaming, thus the blue sky ahead of her. The owls of wisdom and experience are surrounding and preparing her.

When she is ready, she’ll descend the ladder and continue her pursuit. The ladder also symbolizes that there are many rungs to achieving her goal, and as long as she doesn’t give up climbing, she can push her personal limits and succeed.

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