Focalis says: "Memory is my favourite art subject, the one that inspires me the most. To me, it has the most human significance... our memory, our story, is actually who we are, as humans. We think of memory as the past, while it’s actually what shapes our future experiences. It’s a reverse reflection of everything that humanity becomes. It is the essence of our existence, the building blocks of our future, and the reminiscence of our past, our culture, our civilization. This 100% human dimension is what ties back all of my creations as a whole vision. It’s both History and Destiny. The patterns on the elephant’s body are its memory, its story, its days... the way it remembers it and the way it lived it. Directly on a canvas, they represent Memory as a concept, as a whole. My message, through my art, is: "Take good care of yourselves and build memories, think about your story, that’s your superpower and your identity."

The Patrons' pieces include "TEMBO Family" (2020) and "La Memoire" (2020).

Check out Focalis' website and her Instagram account to see more of the work she's been doing.

TEMBO Family

La Memoire