Hollywood Interview

February 14, 2022

Size (h w d): 48 x 36 x 1.5 in
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Status: Available
Price: $2500

In "Hollywood Interview," Bryce uses his disembodied clothing technique to show a woman wearing a vintage dress, seated as if in an interview. The use of the retro-60's style dress was intended to convey a style that could have been worn 50 years ago or could have been worn 50 minutes ago.

"I use people's clothes to force the observer into the subject's role," says Bryce. "Here, a woman is at an interview with a movie producer. Now, just because Harvey Weinstein's out of the business doesn't mean someone else just like him or worse isn't filling his seat. Objectification of women and expecting favors in exchange for career opportunities continues across all industries, entertainment and otherwise. Right now, a woman somewhere is being harassed and forced to make a horrible choice. The MeToo movement was only a step forward. If you know anyone out there taking advantage of women, children or even men for that matter, do whatever you can to stop to it. There's no place for that in our society ongoing."

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