Le Rave

February 8, 2022

Size (h w d): 48 x 36 x 1.5 in
Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Status: Available
Price: $2500

Le Rave is a sister piece to "She's the Show," incorporating the female protagonist from a Picasso masterpiece, placed in a music venue. In “Le Reve,” Picasso depicted his mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, sleeping in a chair. Bryce has transported her to a rave, where her she is dancing to the music with her eyes closed.

"I had the idea for ‘Le Rave’ before I did 'She's the Show,'" Bryce says. "But I think my neon cowboy pieces helped me be better prepared for this piece. 'Le Reve' of course means 'the dream.' But whenever I looked at it, I didn’t see a woman asleep. I feel like Picasso gave her too much motion and internal pleasure. It never made sense to me that she was sleeping in a chair. She's dancing. She’s feeling sensual. The club scene seems like the perfect place for her, and 'Le Rave' was the obvious title for this one."

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