Size (h w d): 36 x 48 x 1.5 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Status: Available
Price: $8500

Two people have come together, but there's an emptiness in their relationship. They are physically together, but mentally or emotionally separated...faces in mirrors. The environment is made to focus on each other. Romantic music floats down from above, but they are not present for it.

She presents him with a flower, representing the fertility of love, offering herself to him. He raises his drink to toast and celebrate her. But these are empty gestures by both of them. Neither are putting forth the effort necessary to make it work. The candle between them represents their life together. They've worked hard to keep it lit in the past, but now their ceremony is simply pretending. There's something else coming between them.

All relationships go through difficult times, and sometimes a couple has to put for the effort and decide to come back together. Will they realize what is on the line and choose to cherish each other, or will they drift further apart until the candle is extinguished?

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