Size (h w d): 24 x 20 x .75 in
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Status: Sold

The protagonist is in a dark place. Depression? Sickness? Dissatisfied? Whatever the cause, she wants to leave it, but doesn't know how, even though she can see the door right in front of her. The curtains reach out, trying to pull her into a place of joy and optimism. These are the hands of every person who offers help and support in our lives.

There's so much energy on the other side of the doorway. All she has to do is step through into the Wonderland. People floating on the river of life, taking opportunities when given. The water never stops flowing. Our lives keep moving, and we can either stop and watch it go by, or we can join the ride and see where the adventure takes us. The water coming from the faucet symbolizes that you can modify the flow of life but even if you turn it off, the river doesn't just come from the faucet. Life will keep moving, surreal and unstoppable.

Everyone’s life runs on the same river of time, but we don't all move at the same speed or with the same experiences. If you know someone who is in the darkness, be those hands that helps set them back in the river of life. Everyone deserves the opportunity to traverse the Wonderland.

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